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Shopping = Diversifying


I have an obsession with two clothing categories. Coats and lingerie.

I’ll go into detail about the former, as the latter are unmentionables.

I’m prepared for anything. Pink-striped raincoat. Green suede bolero. Black surprisingly-slim puffer. Gold evening coat. Etc.

My $$ needs to be similarly prepared for anything. As a stock maven would say, diversify.

Bonds for rainy days. Growth stock for the chance to buy a fur one day, not so far away.Value stocks so my heiresses can buy their own coat collection.

I rebalance my asset allocation if I move to a new climate or I gain a few too many lbs. And similarly, if my time frame or investment objectives change.

If my man asks what I’m up to when I’m out shopping, I’ve learned to say I’m diversifying!

(Originally published on Amanda Stanhaus’s financial literacy blog: XO, Bettie.)

Dollar Store


I never thought to shop at a dollar store, I’m worth it to spend more than a dollar on an item, duh.

Blisters brought me back down to earth. My new shoes were killing me slowly and I found salvage at a dollar store. My pain threshold appreciated the distraction the dollar store’s variety of offerings, while I walked the aisles for band-aids.

It really did have everything that should be a dollar, but I usually buy for much more $$.

Q-tips to make my eyeliner just right, cotton balls to take it all off at night. Plastic party essentials like plates, cups, and utensils. Surprisingly large bags of skittles. Those negligible note-cards I write my daily to-do lists on.

I proudly told my man about my dollar store adventure, sans the stupid shoe reason. He laughed, telling me he is the dollar store’s #1 customer since I eat up all of his Duke’s Mayonnaise. It’s a southern classic, but only available in the dollar store in our northern city.

I did always think it was odd he would only have tiny bottles of mayo to satisfy my mayo mania, but I know better to than to bite the hand that feeds me my mayo.

Hope to see you at my new fave store—the dollar store!

(Originally published on Amanda Stanhaus’s financial literacy blog: XO, Bettie.)

Modern Money Management


Meet the frugal and fabulous Bettie – just another quarterlette out there enjoying her life and trying to make responsible financial choices in the process.  Her mission is to help other women wise up when it comes to their finances, and we’re thrilled to have her guest posting here. Join Bettie’s frugal and fabulous journey at her blog, XOBettie.

I like my hair beehived (à la Jackie) and my musicians long gone (j’adore Buddy Holly).  But, my fabulous & frugal journey has taught me that new is not necessarily a negative. Time is money. And with my go-go-go life, only up-to-the-minute budgets and automatic biweekly investments will do.  Below are my top tools and resources.

Mint is my constant companion. It fills my every financial-tracking need. Mint reminds me when bills are due. Mint discretely messages me when my account balances are low. And Mint keeps my spending in check with a beautiful budgeting feature. I’ll spare you our sappy story, but see Mint’s magical website for yourself here!

Automatic investing. Automatic–I like! Investing–only intimidating at first, I promise!

The magical math of compound interest motivated me to invest. Just like how a snowball rolling down a hill gathers snow, my money can grow exponentially when earning interest.  Shopping is my cardio (à la Carrie Bradshaw), so I wanted my money to be invested even before it had a chance to be spent on shoes.

Now, a portion of my paycheck is automatically invested in a mutual fund. Honestly, it was a bit of work to set up. I had a few hermit weekends spent researching which mutual fund was best for me, my timeline and my objectives. My friends laughed at me for staying in Saturday night, but now I’m the one laughing…to the bank!

Bonne chance with your fabulous & frugal journey to become financially literate! I know, it’s a semi-ginormous project. That, on top of navigating my quarter life, is not easy! But, I realized I could not afford to be a dumb money bunny any longer.

To get you started, you’re invited to join me for Sunday Brunch with Bettie (a.k.a. my weekly newsletter). Every Sunday morning I’ll recap the latest and greatest moments of my fabulous & frugal journey and answer my brunch buddies’ questions.

Hope you join me on my journey!

XO, Bettie Signet

(Originally published on one of Forbes’s Top Ten websites for Millennial Women, Quarterlette.