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Sharing Internet

Internet for $20 a month! Sounds dreamy, right?

This is possible if I share my Internet with my neighbors. We literally live on top of one another, so the signal should be perfectly fine.

I’ve been trying to decide what is the catch …

What if the router needs to be restarted?

When I do my online banking, could they have access to my accounts too?

I would rather not find out via live & learn, so I think I’ll stick to my own internet.

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Apartment Hunting Websites


Where do I begin to look?

While I cannot answer this question for you in regards to physical location…I can help you out virtually.

But first, here is friendly reminder to set min. and max. rents. Otherwise, I find I get distracted from the task at hand (AKA sticking to my budget)!

Below are the websites I used for my apartment hunting.








N*ked Apartments

Happy Hunting!


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Lease: Questions, Comments, and Concerns

Hello my name is Bettie and I’m a legal eagle.

Before I autograph any legal docs, I read it over very carefully, specifically for facts and figures. If there is anything I am not 100% sure about or happy with I make a note of it and follow up with the appropriate person. Once I have an answer to my question or the doc amended to reflect my concern, I am ready to autograph!

I used this method most recently for my lease this week. I’m sure I was one of the few to ever question the lease. But, I’m sure my neighbors will appreciate that I noticed the 80% carpet rule to diminish noise. I hope they read that part of the lease too!

I’ve learned it’s best to be in the know!  Take your time with the legal docs, ladies!

(Originally published on Amanda Stanhaus’s financial literacy blog: XO, Bettie.)

Update: Renting Responsibilities

Throwback Thursday: I’m moving this winter and have learned some new qs to ask. Please see below.

Trouble in paradise for Babe, my bestie. Moral of the story she’s moving out—and moving up!

Step one: Apartment hunt. A first for her. Living at home, then dorms, then home, and then her ex-man’s place, it was never necessary for her to be on the prowl, until now!

I like to check out my state/province’s renter’s rights before I embark. Prospective landlords can’t fool me!


The list of must-ask questions I gave to newbie apartment-huntress, Babe:

Year lease? Month to month?

How much is rent? When is it due? Is paying with check or direct deposit best?

If I want to move out, how much notice does the landlord need? What is the process associated with subletting or lease transfer? What is the security deposit?

Does the apartment come with appliances? Furniture? Air Conditioning? Heat? Washing machine? Doorman? Concierge?

How’s the water pressure? [turn on sink & shower, then flush toilet.]

Do I need to cover my windows in plastic during winter?

Are pets allowed?

Is it possible to change the locks? Who pays to change them?

Who pays for electricity? Heating? Water? Telephone? Internet?

Potential Hypothetical questions (use at own discretion):

If Minnie Mouse becomes my roommate, who pays for her removal?

If my stove only has two settings— super hottttt and off—who pays to fix it?

If I turn into the hulk in my sleep, have a bad dream and punch a hole in my wall, who pays to fix it?

Essentially, who do I call when the (figurative) shit hits the fan?


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Drip Drip Drip


Please, watch Don Draper fixing a sink before reading further. Isn’t Don dreamy!?!

I don’t need a man to do much. But, plumbing is not on my resume. And that’s why roommate-less me rents.

(click on the bold-faced vocab word:))

Why I’m pro-renting. When the faucet leaks, I don’t pay for a plumber to fix it. I also don’t pay property taxes.

Now, why I will be pro-owning eventually…

A home is a good reason to save my pennies. A home and it’s mortgage will build equity over time. Mo money, mo value.

And 30 years (or less) after my mortgage begins, I won’t pay every month to have a roof over my head.

Dreamy—American Dreamy!


P.S. Thanks to the Council of Economic education, here is a very comprehensive overview of buying vs. renting.

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When renting, this is the dude (or dudette) who owns the building. And is who is paid each month.

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I’m going to rent this for x years and promise to  pay y every month. Read carefully and then give it my autograph.

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Lease Transfer

I’m not into renting this place anymore. The lease (the property and promise to pay) is now the new tenant’s responsibility.

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Ultimate Cosmo Girl Apartment Tips


I love the change of scenery when I move my desk from one wall to the other. Semi-redecorating is my specialty. I don’t actually buy new pieces for my apartment, but I rearrange what I already have.

My favorite cosmo girl, Helen Gurley Brown, would approve. Here are her thoughts on apartments, from 1962’s Sex and the Single Girl. Oh so relevant to today.

  • Don’t live too far from your work.
  • If you are being courted by a man, try to live near him.
  • Some of the most amusing, chic, and elegant flats in any city gleam like pearls in crazy old neighborhoods.
  • If you try to show off in a building or neighborhood you can’t afford, you must dress, drive, entertain, and live poshly; and that way lies debtor’s prison! A more impressive way to impress is with what’s inside— you and the furniture.
  • I like oyster white or off-white walls. Everything, including you, looks divine in them.
  • If the flat is beautiful and tasteful, it will be sexy…no strewn lingerie, black satin sheets or mirrors on the ceiling needed.

Check, Check and check!

Thanks, Helen!


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Friend Loan


Looming over the end of the month is always the first of the next month and my rent payment. To make rent, I must be on my best behavior.

(click on the bold-faced vocab words:))

My bestie Babe was not so well behaved and asked me to spot her rent. Of course I wanted her to have a roof over her head, but that’s a sizeable chunk of $$.

I live my life without expectations, so it is filled it with surprises.

But with this, I did not want anything near a surprise. The expectations were crystal clear.

I am to be paid back in full by the end of the month. For each week of late payment, she will clean my apartment. How’s that for incentives?!

She autographed the contract on the dotted line. Good luck, Babe!


(Originally published on Amanda Stanhaus’s financial literacy blog: XO, Bettie.)