Big City Move

by astanhaus


One year ago, I moved from a big city to the biggest city of them all, New York City.

I wanted to ensure my life as a New Yorker was extra fab, so I saved up before my move.

The following are fab things that I forwent to save $$ and the cool things I replaced them with:

-gym membership…free running group at running store.

-luxury mascara…Maybelline mascara.

-artisanal sandwiches…bagel with cream cheese handmade at Chez Bettie.

-handcrafted lattes…shot of espresso.

-cocktails …whiskey neat.

-purchase songs from iTunes…stream NPR’s All Songs 24/7 Music Channel.

-Amazon book purchases…library books loans.

-weekly mani & pedis at Spa… weekly mani & pedi at Salon Bettie.

A funny thing happened, once I moved I stuck with these habits.  Why spend more $$, when I can spend less?

Happy Weekend!

(Originally published on Amanda Stanhaus’s financial literacy blog XO, Bettie.)