by astanhaus



Ladies, which one makes us more nervous: applying to business school or paying for business school?

For those like me with a dislike of debt, whose worry is the latter, listen to this:CommonBond will make our worries disappear!

CommonBond saves student borrowers thousands of dollars by loaning at a lower-than-market interest rate. But wait—there’s more! Borrowers become a part of the CommonBondcommunity. Not just a virtual community, but a physical community that hosts legendary parties that offer fab networking possibilities with alumni, who also act as investors.

This is not our traditional bank loan. The group of lenders has a vested interest in finding borrowers jobs after graduation…just think of the mentorship opportunities!

I’m sure the alumni investors are also looking for an opportunity to network, but better yet they make about a 5% return on their investment with CommonBond.

And for those of us who have completed business school, we can join the CommonBond community by refinancing our student loans.

Business school not your bag? But interested in law, engineering, or medical school? See if your school and program qualifies you for a CommonBond loan here.

Not convinced, CommonBond is the best thing since bread was sliced? Well, CommonBond also has a social promise, funding education abroad and local financial literacy programs, two causes close to my heart!

I believe I have spied the best thing to happen to both education & finance in a while —keep up the great work at CommonBond!

(Originally published on Amanda Stanhaus’s financial literacy blog: XO, Bettie.)