Entre Chien et Loup

by astanhaus

Cette semaine, I saw Entre chien et loup, a film by mon ami, Daniel Schachter. C’est fab! While it’s en français, there are english subtitles— all Canadians are welcome!

The official description of Entre chien et loup is, “Sophie and Dave, old college friends, run into each other downtown. Over a drunken night at Sophie’s apartment, these two old friends get to know each other again. But can Dave be trusted? Is he a dog, or a wolf?”

Spoiler alert: Dave’s a wolf (aka un loup)!

Here’s how to protect our $$ if we pull a Sophie…meaning we pick up un loup off the street at dusk, we fall asleep while attempting to seduce him, and he steals the following from us:


While he will make some $$ selling our jewelry, we will have renter’s insurance. After some paper work, including a police report, the insurance people will reimburse us for the value of the jewelry stolen. Yes, we will be rewarded with a fully funded shopping spree!

Credit Cards

While he will probably charge things to our credit card, it will not last long because we arequeens of our credit cards! We will not have to pay for any unauthorized charges and will be sent a new card ASAP!


Finders keepers, losers weepers. Désolé.

Bien sûr, we are picky when it comes to prince charming! This is just good to know if our prince turns into a frog.

(Originally published on Amanda Stanhaus’s financial literacy blog: XO, Bettie.)