Money via Email

by astanhaus


I’m the planner of my family of friends. I regularly buy concert tickets for me and my musically inclined friends. This habit of mine also leaves me holding the bag. Of course, my friends always pay me back, but not always as instantaneously as I would like.

Money transfers are much more instantaneous than waiting till the next I see my friend to be paid back. But, traditional wire transfers and their $25+ fee don’t make sense when the ticket is only $10.

That’s why I like to use my email and a no-fee cash transfer system.

Canadians have a gold-standard no-fee cash transfer system called Interac.

There are a lot of American no-fee cash transfer systems, each with their quirks. Here are the ones I know about: PopmoneySquare CashGoogle Wallet, and Chase QuickPay.

Enjoy moving money fee-freely via email!


(Originally published on Amanda Stanhaus’s financial literacy blog: XO, Bettie.)