January Social Spending

by astanhaus


The end of January is upon us. Now let’s see if the $$ I saved by staying in on NYE, funded my January social life.

I can’t calculate something that didn’t happen, but I can imagine I would have spent $300+ on my ticket, bottle service, transport, and late night snack.

I’ll spare you my list of transactions courtesy of Mint. But…$300…30 days..$10 a night…1 cocktail=$10.

A cocktail a night? Sounds like a fab plan to me!

Honestly, I’ve been making more hot toddies at home avec mes amies than going out, so I thought I would have come out in the green. But when I do go out, the cold/snow has allowed me to justify taxis….plus I burned a hole in my wallet with an Uber ride, ugh. My conversational economist bestie, Birdie, will explain Uber’s surge pricing next week.

All in all, I spent approximately the $300 saved by staying in on NYE this month on my social spending. Well played!


(Originally published on Amanda Stanhaus’s financial literacy blog: XO, Bettie.)