by astanhaus


Discussing money is always difficult. This makes negotiating my salary extra tricky.

My frame of mind when I negotiate is the following: you can’t afford me, so impress me.

From my perspective, negotiation is all about the attitude. Ex.: Regardless of responsibilities, I’m always totally qualified, duh.

Meanwhile, my prospective employer’s goal is to find a way to pay me the least amount possible for the most amount of work.

Prospective employers love to ask for the range of salary I am expecting from a job. From my range, the prospective employer equates my low # to their high #.

Essentially, whoever names a # first loses. Don’t be a loser, don’t name a #.

If a prospective employer “needs” to know a #, stall a much as possible. Say things such as “market rate,” “I need a better understanding of my responsibilities,” and “You will need to provide me with more information about my benefits before I can say such a #.”

If all else fails, look up on Glassdoor for range of salaries according to position, city, and company.

Stay tough!


(Originally published on Amanda Stanhaus’s financial literacy blog: XO, Bettie.)