Change the locks

by astanhaus


Babe, my bestie, is still going strong with the financier. They are taking it slow, after he popped the question after a few weeks. This slow process includes Babe keeping an apartment to call her own.

Babe has found a fabulous new apartment for February. Perfect location. Clean. And most importantly, respectful roommates.

There is just one sticky talking point: changing the locks.

Babe’s boy and Babe want the locks changed—front door and bedroom door—please and thank you!

The landlord is not into their non-revolutionary idea. Changing the locks should be an obvious perk of moving in. The roommates support them morally, but not financially.

Babe’s boy is footing the bill and paying to have the locks changed.

Why is Babe’s boy so adamant about changing the locks? Because he wants Babe and her pricey gifts from him to be safe & sound. He trusts her prospective roommates. But he is having nightmares of how many keys are floating around because of this anti-lock changing landlord.

Are Babe & her man being ridiculous? I think not! Changing the locks is one of those things that will easily leave us saying “I should’ve…” after something bad happens.

Better safe than sorry.


(Originally published on Amanda Stanhaus’s financial literacy blog: XO, Bettie.)