The Wolf of Wall Street

by astanhaus


Usually I am weary of a $12 movie ticket.

But, 3 hrs with Leo? I’m in.

The Wolf of Wall Street is an epic tale. It’s funny. It’s ridiculous. And I’m just saying, Leo’s character, Jordan Belfort, would have benefited from forfeiting some fabulosity for some frugality.

If Jordan hadn’t been so ostentatious, saved $$ by not buying drugs or sex from prostitutes, and stayed away from his illegal ways in general, things might not have turned out so badly for him, but also there probably wouldn’t be a movie about him!

The Wolf of Wall Street is a reminder of what can happen to us if money corrupts us. Of course, money is necessary to make us fabulous. But also, friends & family play a key role in our fabulosity equation. So play nice.

Essentially, Leo (via Jordan Belfort) shows us what not to do. It’s a must see!


(Originally published on Amanda Stanhaus’s financial literacy blog: XO, Bettie.)