Gift Guide: Parents

by astanhaus


How much I talk to/see my parents depends on current events in my life and my homebase location. But Christmas time is inevitably family time.

The following are three gift suggestions for the two people that brought you into this world!


“Parental support.” These two words strike fear into the hearts of my parents. I am not an inexpensive expense.

This year I am giving the gift of my financial literacy. No longer do I rely on Daddy-Dearest, and he could not be prouder (or more relieved).

After Christmas dinner and before dessert review my blog with your parents and show them how fabulous & frugal you will be next year!

I have your back, each one of my sections is in chronological order so you will learn first what you need to know first. Also available up top, here are the links to the sections of my blog:essentials of $milestonesinvest my $insure my ****O CanadaOops. And if you really want to go above & beyond, you all can read my vocab blog.


Work some iPhoto magic on recent photo of yourself, personalize a frame, and give them the gift of a visual replacement for when you aren’t there by their side.


If your parents are avid readers like mine, look into their library card status. Library books just got a lot easier to deal with because e-books can now be borrowed. Figure out here if your local library system is participating in the e-book phenomenon.

One thing to remember, Kindle/ iPad sold separately. If they are confused, remind them that $$ doesn’t grow on trees, so you did the best you could with what $$ you have!

Enjoy family time!

Merry Merry!


(Originally published on Amanda Stanhaus’s financial literacy blog: XO, Bettie.)