Smells Phishy

by astanhaus


I answered the call when I was running errands. My friends and family know not to call when I’m doing errands, I’m in “get shit done” mode.

I was juggling my newly dry cleaned jumpsuit and didn’t feel like reading off my account numbers to Bob “from my bank,”so I told him to call me back tomorrow.

He never did….I found out he was too busy calling other ladies, who had accounts at my bank.

That evening  a message from my bank informed me some phishers had preyed on my bank.

My real-deal bank would never forget my account info and call/email me to ask for it.

Instead, my trusty bank likes to send me messages at my e-bank account and will email me when when there is a new message.

I’ll start smelling phish the next time a supposed bank rep calls me up for my account info out of the blue.


(Originally published on Amanda Stanhaus’s financial literacy blog: XO, Bettie.)