Knit One…

by astanhaus


My cousin had a baby, Bennie!! While I do not want a rugrat of my own anytime soon, I getting on the good side of junior early on.

Baby blankets are an essential, so I’m knitting one! Yes, it is quite an undertaking. But, from day one swaddled in my own labor of love, Bennie will be constantly reminded who is his best second cousin, c’est moi!

I’ll admit, yarn is not cheap. But my second best gift of a silver spoon was out of my price range.

I want to show off my blanket, but let’s keep the knitting between you and me. I have been hiding my knitting needles from my Man. I know he will want one of those elaborate fisherman sweaters. But my knitting abilities are limited to square baby blankets. And no grown man needs one of those.

Welcome to the world, Bennie!


(Originally published on Amanda Stanhaus’s financial literacy blog: XO, Bettie.)