by astanhaus

Originally submitted for an Economic Literacy independent research project with Professor Christopher Ragan at McGill University.

“The economy is…”

“The Fed will lower…”

“Twitter’s IPO is unlike Facebook’s…”

Ladies, are you also left wondering what all the economic fuss is about?

I, Bettie, promise to be with you for every step of our fabulous & frugal journey.

“Economic Essentials” are up first, featuring: my Beau, my father Bernie, The Godfather, extra-long twin bed sheets, a sandbox, and strategies to say, “I love you.”

Then, “Economic Keys to Successful Investing,” featuring:  the Kennedys, Carrie, Samantha, Miranda, Charlotte & Mr. Big, Joan Harris, Michael Ginsberg, James Bond, Bernie’s credit card, aliens, and a camel hair coat.

Followed by, “Growth & Macro Tools,” featuring: Barack & Michelle Obama, Santa, my Man, my mother Bertie, my bestie Babe & her boy, my MacBook Air Blair, and an exclusive trip to Bettieland!

And I hope you’ll stay with me for “Events,” featuring: alive & dead men, my Bubbie & her beloved childhood pony named Princess, and bursting bubbles.

Plus, “Personalities,” featuring: more alive & dead men, Don Draper, Roger Sterling, Pete Campbell & Bertram Cooper, a trip to Europe, and fate.

And wait, there’s a“Glossary!” Definitions of all underlined words are stored in the Caboose.