Tipping Philosophy

by astanhaus


I do like my cocktails mixed by a mixologist. Whiskey fused with whatever always tastes just right to me!

But fancy drinks can also leave me seeing dollar signs.

I usually only order one—not due to lack of tolerance—but lack of tip $$.

No matter how strapped for cash I am, I make sure to tip 20% for good service.

Mind math…[look up]

the drink was $10.00…move the decimal one spot to the left…1.000…doubled is 2….no creepily tall man, I’m not looking up at you….10+2=12…the drink plus tip comes to $12.

Ouch. Sometimes it hurts to hand over the amount of $$ I make in a hour for one drink. But, my service provider shouldn’t suffer because of my expensive taste and lack of funds.

I’m set in my ways and my tastes won’t change. So I’m working on the funding.


(Originally published on Amanda Stanhaus’s financial literacy blog: XO, Bettie.)