Groceries are a must

by astanhaus


Food, a true necessity.

But, Brie with truffles is not the same as Kraft singles.  So, how much do I budget for groceries?

Wasting food makes me feel like a waste of space.

Pre- grocery list creation I try to think about the upcoming week.

How many lunch meetings? Potlucks? Will I be brunching? Cupcakes for a birthday party?

I used to have to make a budget according to food group. Fruits/Veggies and I were not besties. But we’ve reconciled our differences.

Now I budget according to meal time.


Lunch =



I sometimes have to cheat and make some foods count for two meal times to stay within my budget.

I make it up to myself by filling my lunch box with my eggplant parmesan leftovers. Yum! I approve of only this kind of cheating.


(Originally published on Amanda Stanhaus’s financial literacy blog: XO, Bettie.)