Ultimate Cosmo Girl Apartment Tips

by astanhaus


I love the change of scenery when I move my desk from one wall to the other. Semi-redecorating is my specialty. I don’t actually buy new pieces for my apartment, but I rearrange what I already have.

My favorite cosmo girl, Helen Gurley Brown, would approve. Here are her thoughts on apartments, from 1962’s Sex and the Single Girl. Oh so relevant to today.

  • Don’t live too far from your work.
  • If you are being courted by a man, try to live near him.
  • Some of the most amusing, chic, and elegant flats in any city gleam like pearls in crazy old neighborhoods.
  • If you try to show off in a building or neighborhood you can’t afford, you must dress, drive, entertain, and live poshly; and that way lies debtor’s prison! A more impressive way to impress is with what’s inside— you and the furniture.
  • I like oyster white or off-white walls. Everything, including you, looks divine in them.
  • If the flat is beautiful and tasteful, it will be sexy…no strewn lingerie, black satin sheets or mirrors on the ceiling needed.

Check, Check and check!

Thanks, Helen!


(Originally published on Amanda Stanhaus’s financial literacy blog: XO, Bettie.)